Indra - copper, 13th-14th c., Nepaljnaanam - Benjamin Slade [ ] [ CV ]

Jnanam is Sanskrit for 'knowledge', 'learning', 'science'
  [cog. w/ Gr. γνωσις, L. noscere, Av. zainti, Hi., Nep. jaan, OE. cnáwan, Fr. connaître, NE. knowledge].


The Babbage Files
*Tech-Blog focussed on (La)TeX, Linux, and Emacs (and steam-powered computers).

Beowulf at
Beowulf on Steorarume (Beowulf in Cyberspace)
*online text & translation of the mediaeval Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf
*original Old English verse, modern English translation & deutsche Übersetzung
*glossary, notes, essays, audio files, related texts and other resources

*images and information

Bhaarata Shastra - india arms & armour (khukuri, katar, sword, tarwar)
Bhaarata Shastra - Indian Arms & Armour
*resources for weaponry of the Indian subcontinent (India, Nepal, etc.)
*information, photos, links to dealers, Gurkhas, & blade-smiths

Apuleius - The Golden Ass
Apuleius' 'The Golden Ass'
*background of the 2nd-century erotic-comic Latin novel The Golden Ass (or Metamorphoses), filled with magic & Egyptian mysticism
*discussion, translation comparisons, illustrations & images

Taefl - Chess of the Northmen
Tæfl - chess-game of the Saxons & Vikings
*history of the game
*rules of play
*free tafl computer game

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