Gurkha/Gorkha Books

the gurkhas The Gurkhas - Byron Farwell. Allen Lane (London), 1984.
[general history of the Gorkhas; b&w photos/drawings]                 
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gurkha - chant Gurkha: the illustrated history of an elite fighting force - Christopher Chant. Blandford Press (Dorset), 1985.
[History of both the military exploits & everyday life of the Gorkhas, from their early service in the British Army to the Indian Mutiny through both world wars, as well as their later service after Indian Independence/Partition; b&w photos/drawings; highly recommended]
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Gurkhas at War Gurkhas at War: In Their Own Words: The Gurkha Experience 1939 to the Present
 - edited by J. P. Cross & Buddhiman Gurung. London: Greenhill Books & Mechanicsburg (Pennsylvania): Stackpole Books, 2002.
[excellent collection of stories narrated by the Gurkha soldiers themselves; highly recommended]
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britain's brigade of gurkhas Britain's Brigade of Gurkhas - E.D. Smith. Leo Cooper/Secker & Warburg (London), 1973 [updated 1982].
[History of the four Gurkha regiments retained by the UK after the Partition (2nd King Edward VII's Own Goorkha Rifles, 6th Queen Elizabeth's Own Gurkha Rifles, 7th Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles, 10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles).   Covers the early days of British recruitment from Nepal when Lt. Young raised the Sirmoor Rifles (later the 2nd KEO Goorkha Rifles) through their service in the 19th and 20th centuries, including both world wars and conflicts post-1947; b&w photos; highly recommended ]
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Valour Valour: a history of the Gurkhas - E.D. Smith. Spellmount (Staplehurst, Kent), 1997.
[Text on all 10 Gurkha Regiments & their military conflicts; b&w photos/drawings]        
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in gurkha company In Gurkha Company - Lt. Col. J.P. Cross, OBE. Arms & Armour Press (London), 1986.
[History of the British Gurkha Regiments post-1947; b&w photos]
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my dear walter My Dear Walter : Observations of a Gurkha Officer 1937-43
- R.W. Morland-Hughes. Quiller Press (London), 1987.
[Proceeds benefiting the Gurkha Welfare Trusts--the memoirs of 'Portland' (Morland-Hughes) of the 5th Gurkha Rifles, who was killed in action in Italy in 1944. Includes illustrated letters sent to his brother in 1937, reproduced pages from his sketchbook depicting life in the Regiment from 1939-1943]
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bugles & a tiger Bugles & a Tiger
- John Masters. Michael Joseph and the Book Society (London), 1966.
[personal narrative of how an English schoolboy became a professional soldier in the Indian Army]
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angreji sikne postak English for Gurkha Soldiers (Angreji Sikne Postak)
- anonymous. H.M. Stationery Office (Stockport), n.d. [post-1947].
[textbook for Gurkha soldiers to teach himself English]
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Khukuri Books

Powell From Khookree to Kukri (and all spellings in between) - John Powell. forthcoming. [ click here for a preview ]

Indian Arms & armour A Description of Indian and Oriental Armour : Illustrated from the Collection Formerly in the India Office Now Exhibited at South Kensington and The Author's Private Collection: With An Introductory Sketch of the Military History of India
- Lord Egerton of Tatton. Reprint of first edition. First published : London, 1896. New Delhi, Asian Educational Services, 2001.
[excellent illustrated volume of Indian weapons & armour - highly recommended]
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stone arms A glossary of the construction, decoration and use of arms and armor in all countries and in all times, together with some closely related subjects - George Cameron Stone. Portland (Maine): Southworth Press, 1934. [reprinted, New York: Dover Publishing, 1999]
[good general reference on weaponry of various countries, including Nepal & India]
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Other Indian-Subcontinental Militaria Books
Armies of the Raj Armies of the Raj - from the Great Indian Mutiny to Independence: 1858-1947 - Byron Farwell. New York: Norton, 1989.
[a basic overview of the British Indian armed forces between 1858-1947]
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great game The Great Game: On Secret Service in High Asia - Peter Hopkirk. London: John Murray, 1990. [reprinted in the UK under the same title by Oxford University Press, 2001 & published in USA under the title: The Great Game: the struggle for empire in Central Asia. New York, Toyko, London: Kodansha, 1994.]
[fascinating account of Britain vs. Russia spying and vying over Central Asia and Afghanistan]
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