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and other East Indian and Subcontinental Militaria
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Gurkhas Community -
 History, stories, legacies & news of GURKHAS ,  the world-renowned legendary fighters from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal-- visit!
Brigade of Gurkhas - British Army site, info on British Gurkhas

Gurkha Regiments in the Indian & British Armies - extensive info!      
Gurkha Infantry of the British Empire - more great info & history!
Gurkhas-Britian's Oldest Allies (BBC News)

Indian Army Homepage
Nepalese Army information (unofficial)

A History of Dehradun (India)
A Gurkha Page

Gurkha Welfare Trust
   charity for Gurkha veterans, widows & orphans

British Embassy in Nepal/British Gurkha Recruitment

Gurkha International Group
- need to hire a Gurkha?     
Gurkha Manpower - another 'have-khukuri-will-travel' site


Khukuri FAQ
best source of info on khukuris

[Howard Wallace]
[Sanskrit writing on blade = Khukureevedah ('The Mastery of the Khukuri') ]

The Kukri - by John Powell
John Powell

heaps of information about khukhuris and many photos

Himalayan Imports Cantina
HI Cantina

fab forum of kukri experts & aficionados!
[answers to your khukuri-questions here]

more khukuri info & a great place to buy hand-forged Nepali khukuris!

Kamis - Khukuri-makers of Nepal
- photos & info
Bir Gorkha & Environs - more photos/info on kukri-making
Ceremonies of the Kamis [kukri-smiths] - puja

An Introduction to the Khukuri - from the FAQ page
Construction & Terminology
- from the FAQ page
Gurkhali/Nepalese khukuri-related terms - from the FAQ page
Sharpening a Khukuri - from the FAQ page
Khukuri Safety


gurkha/khukuri books
Books on Gorkhas & Khukuri

Kareena Kapoor Katar
[Kaurwaki ( Kareena Kapoor ), Princess of Kalinga, holding a katar. from the film Asoka ]

: @ the Gatka (Sikh) Federation
- katars and other weapons
Katars @ the Islamic Daggers Site

Some katars @ the Czech Military Museum

Brief description of the katar

kareena kapoor & shahrukh khan [asoka]

[Portrait of Shivji (1630-1680): founder of the Maratha Nation (modern Maharashtra ), carved out by defeating the alien Mughals]

Bharat Raksha
bharat raksha

 'consortium of Indian military websites'

Kalarippayattu - Indian Martial Arts
(originating largely from Kerala [in the south of India])

Kalarippayattu (Prof. Phillip B. Zarrilli) -
offers a collection of academic papers, video clips, and an extensive bibliography related to kalarippayattu

M.K.G. Kalari Sangam (Thalaserry, Kerala) -
Gurukkal Vishwanathan Gurukkal, sangam has speciality in Thulunadan style in the Kuzhi kalari

Kalari Payatt - Mother of All Martial Arts

ENS Kalari Centre -
established in 1954 at Nettoor (Kerala), training in both the Northern and the Southern systems of Kalarippayattu

l'Association Française Kalarippayat CVN Kalari -
(en français)

Budokaido - (modern) Nepalese Martial Arts
Budokaido - Nepali Martial Art

Arms, armour, weapons and accoutrements of warriors in Bharat through the ages

Ritual Weapons - Ethnic & Historic Weaponry - essays, studies & links

the Bellydancer's Kastane  NEW!
an inquiry into the origin of a standard dance accessory

Some Forums

Ethnographic Edged Weapons Discussion Forum @ -
discussion of Asian, Oriental, exotic weaponry

SwordForum -
includes section on blades of Middle East, Asia (India), Africa

Himalayan Imports Khukuri Forum -
lounge for kukri experts and enthusiasts



best contemporary khukuris available!   lifetime guarantee

Valiant Co.
Valiant Co.

hand-made south-east asian blades

Nepalese Khukuri House -
another kukri seller

Shah Jahan's - (link does not seem to be active)
traditional hand-forged Damascus steel weaponry;
using Koftgari inlays, the richest of velvets &
 the finest leathers, horn and bone


Ashoka Arts

antique edged weapons from the Indian subcontinent

Oriental Arms -
antique Indo-Persian arms & armour

Ruble-Enterprises -
antique Middle-Eastern & Indian militaria

Lionsgate Arms & Armour

Therion Arms

Seven Stars Trading Company - Arms

Les Adamson Antique Arms

Paul M. Ambrose, Antiques -
some Indian arms & armour

The Sarki Shop -

Sarki Shop

[back in business!]
custom construction/restoration/repair of khukuri sheaths, handles


Shapening Supplies
Chesapeake Woodworking Supplies: Sharpening Tools
              hones, stones & buffing-compounds
Lee Valley - Sharpening Supplies - more sharpening items

Spit & Shine
Flitz Metal Polish -
   great for polishing & removing rust (in combination with 0000 steel wool)
Renaissance Wax - for preserving your rare finds, used by museums

Handle Materials - horn, bone, wood
Moscow Hide & Fur - horn, bone, hide from various animals

Hooflex Hoof Treatment - keeps horn handles from drying-out & cracking

Middletown Lumber - supplies of exotic woods
Eisenbran Exotic Hardwoods

Universal Agencies, Inc. - Knife-Making Supplies


Crude Forged Knives [François Pitaud]


Outdoors ( [Jean-Marc] -
knives, tools, camping, mountaineering, other outdoor things


General Info on Forging/Welding Weapons through the Ages

Damascus Steel - a brief history -
[Christopher Lau (Motoyasu) - a professional Japanese sword polisher (experienced in both togi and kantei)]

Brief History of Steel -
good information [Prof. H. Föll, Uni.-Kiel]

A Cross-Linked Glossary of Some Terms from the History of Metal Working -
more good information [Prof. H. Föll, Uni.-Kiel]

Damascene Technique in Metal Working - a personal remark
[Prof. H. Föll, Uni.-Kiel]

The Key Role of Impurities in Ancient Damascus Steel Blades -
an article by J.D. Verhoeven, A.H. Pendray & W.E. Dauksch

WOOTZ STEEL: AN ADVANCED MATERIAL OF THE ANCIENT WORLD by S. Srinivasan and S. Ranganathan, Department of Metallurgy -- Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) - particularly interesting discussion of steel in ancient India

The Road to Damascus: Sorting Modern Pattern Welding from Myth & Legend -
[by Kevin R. Cashen, American Bladesmith Society (ABS) certified Master Bladesmith]

Crucible Damascus Steel [=Wootz] by Anna Feuerbach PhD - the author of this website completed her PhD last year on 'Crucible Steel in Central Asia: Production, Use and Origins' - Dr Feuerbach has a forthcoming book on 'crucible steel' (wootz and similar steels) slated for summer 2004. She also has her PhD thesis available on CD (in Word text format) for US$5 to cover materials and postage.

WOOTZ , UKKU or true damascus steel -- some basic info & links on damascus steel

The Serpent in the Sword: Pattern-welding in Early Medieval Swords by Lee A. Jones - ancient Anglo-Saxon and Viking swords analysed

Mechanical properties of Modern Fabricated Pattern Welded Damascus Steels by S. Fedosov, Samara State Technical University (Russia)

Method of making Steel in the style of Damascus written in 1771 by Jean Jacques Perret - (English translation)

Ancient carburisation of iron to steel: a comment -
Donald B. Wagner, Dept. of Asian Studies, Uni. of Copenhagen
(webversion of article in journal Archeomaterials, 1990, 4.1: 111-117)

Early progress in the Melting of iron -
on making cast-iron
(V.H.Patterson & M.J.Lalich, "Fifty years of progress in the inoculation of cast irons" - 44th International Foundry Congress (1977), Florence)

Steel in Ancient Greece & Rome -
E.A. Ginzel (Materials Research Institute, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

Blade Metal Info

Types of Steel used by Knife-makers

A.G. Russell Knife Encyclopaedia

Metalsmithing Links - useful links [Lively]

Knife-Making Tutorials - good info [Lively]

Ethnographic Resource Site @ -
more Asian (& other) arms

The Crucible - online forum about smithing


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